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DotNotCom is an award-winning, top of the line, international, universally-certified and critically acclaimed corporation based in North America.


We make profitable nonsense. You’ve probably heard of “Farm-to-Table” as being the epitome of refined and high-quality food? Well, we do the same with “Direct-To-Consumer Nonsense”. We find all the unexplored, underused, and forgotten nonsense in the world and make it ready for you to consume in the form of high quality products and services - just like that, right out of the pack. You’re welcome! 

We call this model Nonsense-as-a-Service. 


NaaS is a unique, proprietary, universally-certified approach to product development.


Traditional companies would identify a problem, create a solution, and see if the market is large enough to sustain growth over time.

We do it differently: First, we don’t give a damn about the market size. Then we analyze the market and its size. Second, we come up with a great name and figure out what the product is from there. If our Board members laugh, then BOOM!, validated! 

Then we hire expensive experts. They help us design the product and usually try to convince us not to launch it. We usually say “yeah, I’m afraid you’re right!” and we launch it anyway a few weeks later and make changes as we go.

Overall, we take things one step-at-a-time. Sometimes more, sometimes less.


The NOT in our name implies a non-commercial endeavor, yet our domain extension is “.com” which is short for “commercial.” 

We chose this name to combine the purity of non-pecuniary affairs with the abundant profits of unbridled capitalism. This gives us, and the brands we work with, the best of both worlds: a totally clean conscience thanks to the not-for-profit reference in our name and a great mood because of the prospects of tons of cash.


Let’s be honest, most brands promise things that are either not realistic or just very vague. None of this with us! Every product you purchase from one of our brands will either be free or cost some money and will either create a memorable experience or won’t. We make this promise to you!

Promise made, promise kept!
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